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Feature Article

Update 3-4-02:

Dennis Box appealed demolition of the gold dome late Friday afternoon. There were three appeals filed. Basically an appeal was filed for the 1) denial of a CA (Certificate of Appropriateness) to construct the Walgreen's, 2) denial of a CA to construct the new BankOne branch, and 3) denial of a CA to demolish the gold dome. The Board of Adjustment hearing is scheduled for Thursday, April 4, at 1:30 pm.

Update 2-19-02:

Bank One has not yet filed their appeal of the Urban Design Commission denial. There was a Board of Adjustment filing deadline yesterday and they did not meet it. The next filing deadline will be March 4, but they have to file within 30 days of the January 31 decision. At this point if they appeal, the meeting will be held on April 4, 2002 at 1:30 pm.

Update 1-31-02:

Good news, bad news! The Urban Design Commission voted unanimously to deny Bank One's application to demolish the dome. However, they are likely to appeal the decision. Make your opinions heard! The structure is still very much in danger!


Bank One's CEO has refused to accept 2800 signed petitions requesting the dome not be destroyed. The Urban Design Commission will meet on January 16th at 3:30 pm to hear the request for demolition of the Gold Dome bank. The meeting is scheduled to be held in Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 N. Walker. Please take action now to help save this landmark building!

Bank One wants to sell it to Walgreens to destroy it and build a cookie-cutter Walgreens on the site, a bland plain box identical to so many non-descript corners in this nation. Sure they can build that... but on the site of a national landmark? Isn't any other corner in OKC available? Walgreen's is at it again... destroying the character of our country's neighborhoods. This is not just a local tragedy, it's happening nationwide. Please take action!
Photo Copyright 2001 Joseph Mills (www.josephmills.com)

Please Take Action!
I f you'd like to see this landmark saved, please "sign" a form here to register yourself as an opposer:
Click Here to Register

and visit this website for more info:
(currently under construction)

Join a discussion group specifically about preservation of OKC: Click here to Discuss

and call these numbers to protest the demolition of this landmark:

City of OKC Planning Department
Urban Design Commission
420 W. Main, Suite 900
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
tel: 405-297-3084

Bank One, Office of the Chairman, James Dimon: 800-654-7998

Equity Holding Company, Chris Calhoun:

Walgreens, OKC, Daniel Piela:

OKC Mayor, Kirk Humphreys:

Walgreens, President and COO: David Bernauer, 847-940-2500

and the architect of the dome:
Robert B. Roloff, EAIA
6351 E. Forrest Hills Road
Guthrie, OK 73044

For more updates to the story, please see www.SaveTheDome.net

I n 1958, Citizens State Bank had the style and vision to build this geodesic dome, designed by local architect Robert B. Roloff in Oklahoma City at NW 23rd and Classen Blvd. It was one of the first of such structures to be built, inspired by the geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. It is one of the last of such structures remaining, and is likely the next to be destroyed. The Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office has declared this building is eligible for the National Register. But the current owner, Bank One, has filed an application demolish it. The Urban Design Commission will meet on August 15th to approve or deny the application. With its signature gold geodesic dome roof structure, the building is an icon of modern design and of the city Oklahoma City and it should not be torn down.

The plan is to destroy the building and sell part of the land to build a new cookie-cutter Walgreens drug store and a smaller drive-thru bank. On July 18, 2001, protesters were able to receive a 30 day reprieve from the Urban Design Commission on their recommendation to the City of Oklahoma City, but the building is greatly in danger, and action must be taken immediately to prevent its demolition. The next meeting of the Urban Design Commission will be August 15.

Bank One is sympathetic to the cause of preservationists, and certainly has its business operations to balance with public desire to save the building. However, they have applied for the demolition permit and if a resolution isn't met within the next few weeks, the building could easily follow in the footsteps of the demolished YMCA building and countless other mid-century landmarks nationwide. Of course there are real issues of overhead and maintenance, legalities and ethics and more. Hopefully, opponents to the plan can work in cooperation with Bank One and be part of the solution to saving it.

This unique historical structure is definitely worth saving! The few remaining places like this are worth the cost and difficulties to preserve. Please, take action to save it!

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(c) 2000, 2001 Joe Kunkel and Jetset - Designs for Modern Living (www.jetsetmodern.com) and Save The Dome (www.savethedome.net). All Rights Reserved.

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