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Letter from the Editor
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Letter from the Publisher


The Real Mid-Century
You think you know what the Fifties and Sixties were like. Think again.
by Sandy McLendon

A Future Unforeseen: Driving Edsel Aground
The symbol of Mid-Century excess was actually a very nice car.
by Sandy McLendon

On the Waterfront:
Bertrand Goldberg's Marina City
Bertrand Goldberg trained at the Bauhaus. Then he moved on.
by Sandy McLendon

Executing Modernism:
The World of Van Nest Polglase
He gave a starving world glamour at ten cents a ticket.
by Sandy McLendon

Preservation Groups Lobby to Protect Mid-Century Modern Landmark
Will a Landmark be Razed?
by Joe Kunkel

Winnetka Modernism 2004
Photo Album From the Show
Photography by Joe Kunkel

The Beginning of Now
John Portman's 1967 Hyatt Regency in Atlanta

Atrium hotels are everywhere now, but the first one is still the best.
by Sandy McLendon

The New Battle of Gettysburg
Saving Richard Neutra's Cyclorama Building

The Cyclorama Building is in danger of destruction. Here's how you can help.
by Sandy McLendon

Exhibitions, Modernism Shows & more
Compiled by Joe Kunkel

Pottery & Ceramics
Decorative Arts & Other
Modernism Magazine



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Joe Kunkel

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